Sydney city forest mural
Sydney city forest mural artist posing in front of his mural

The Artist

Elliott Routledge is a contemporary Australian artist. Known for his public art installations, paintings, and sculptures, he has exhibited in galleries and installed murals across the globe.

His work exists in a balance between expressive mark making, abstract form and often, word-based art. Having spent a period practicing and studying color, his current work is reflective of how he takes this information of color relationships and pattern choices and treats them to create bold, colorful and harmonious compositions.

He says, “Nature has always played a subtle role in my work. Nature really has the best color palette and I draw from that all the time. Because I moved next to a national park, I now have more of a desire to bring nature into my public works. Sometimes I feel like city walls are actually more protected than the rainforest themselves.”

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The Art

According to the artist, the concept behind this wall was to promote planting trees to combat climate change using KNOxOUT paint, which uses sunlight to reduce noxious air pollutants, purifying the surrounding air. His idea was to bring the rainforest into the center of the city and have people reconnect with nature. He says, “everyone has a role to play in fighting climate change planting trees is an important way to help that.”

Elliott believes public art has a huge role in getting messages out to the community and that it is a responsibility of artists and projects like this to give voices to certain ideas or causes. He states, “working in this project helped me learn how important the rainforest is. Trees, animals, each thing is important and plays a big part.”

“The whole project was challenging, but also rewarding.” He continues, “being in the center of the city, working with different people, a big team to collaborate with, also a new type of paint, it was all challenging, but I'm really happy with the result.”

Sydney City Forest mural artwork

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Sydney city forest mural artists working as seen from the ground