Mexico City

Mexico City forest mural detailed panoramic view
Mexico City forest mural artists portraits of Liz and PamalaMexico City forest mural artists portraits of Liz and Pamala

The Artists

Liz Rashell is a visual artist and muralist who co-founded World Art Destinations. It’s a production management agency that designs and produces urban art festivals all over Mexico. Liz collaborated with architecture student Pamela Arandas in the creation of this mural focused on the empowerment and equality of women in Mexico.

“I believe that all our history helps us to grow and evolve, not to make the same mistakes, and to really fight to be a society in harmony, to be fair people, of equality and teamwork,” Liz states in reference to her vision of a more equal future for women in Mexico. She believes that her art has given her the opportunity to raise her voice louder and to be a part of that fight for equality, and she leans into this great responsibility with “all the will in the world.”

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The Art

This mural, titled Levántate Mujer (“Arise Woman”), is a cry for “courage and encouragement to all the women who are struggling, who feel alone, who feel unheard, ignored, that they are not worthy… you are not the only one, we are all going to fight with you.” Liz and Pamela’s work symbolizes “a woman who is emerging from a darkness that represents all her past and everything that has been difficult in her life. It is a call for her to rise up.”

This symbolism of the woman breaking the wall represents leaving suffering behind and bringing inspiration to women to fight for themselves. Liz and Pamela’s intention for this mural is to make women feel powerful, and to defend what they have fought for for so long.

Reflecting on Mexico’s rich history with murals as a method of communication, Liz states that street art is a “tool for education, a tool for transmitting [a] very powerful and strong message.” She believes that “art that lives in the public space has an enormous responsibility” that should not be taken lightly by artists. Pamela believes that, as artists, they have a social responsibility to transmit the message of gender equality through platforms such as Converse All Star Murals.

Mexico City forest mural artwork detailed view from a distance

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Mexico City forest mural artists working, with their legs dangling over their artwork