Lima city forest mural panoramic
Lima city forest artists posing for portraits

The Artist

Suno is an urban artist from Ventanilla, Callao, Lima. He’s a cultural manager and student at the School of Fine Arts of Lima. His focus is connecting with the public urban art and his work has been oriented towards identity, culture and society. He has collaborated in international projects like “One Voice 2020”, Pan American Games 2019, “Linea1 Tren Electrico” 2018, and others.

Martín Muere is from the Augustino district in Lima, where he is currently studying at the School of Fine Arts. He has been dedicated to urban and street art for 7 years because of his belief in its power to connect a story directly to the public and has collaborated in various artistic projects such as the “Beneficiencia de Lima”, Line 1 of the Electric Train, Free School of Art among Others.

Ignacio Gallegos is from Peru, where is he is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with the mediums of photography, painting, and tattoo.

Jois Arrasco also comes from Lima, where she works as a visual artist specializing in engraving and is starting to tattoo.

Ana Lucía Guerrero is a visual artist, illustrator and fashion designer from Callao, Peru.

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The Art

The artwork transports the viewer to a spiritual-cultural plane, communicated with pre-Inca iconography (from the Chavín, Paracas, Wari, Mochica cultures) using faces originating from the territory. Its title, "Ofrenda" (the offering), refers to a vision that the main character, who holds a heart of wild leaves, experiences to symbolically represent the interior and love for nature. Seen on either side of the mural is the vision that springs from some Wari ceramics (the infinity in the walls of culture). This vision contains two portraits of Peruvian women with Chavín, Moche and Paracas iconography, and a representation of the eternal significance of culture.

According to Suno, the concept behind the mural was to highlight and appreciate our culture and identity. Martín states, “Various elements have been placed on the mural that in one way or another make us think of Peruvian history, which stretches all the way back to the pre-Hispanic era.”

Through the vision of these five Converse All Stars, this mural celebrates the deep roots of the different cultures that coexist in Peru. The art demonstrates the importance of knowing and appreciating culture and respecting ancestors, while also celebrating the local heritage and the various customs through the years.

Lima city forest mural as seen from the street

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