Lima 3 city forest mural artwork as seen from the street
Lima 3 city forest mural artist Lynliet and Daniela portrait photos side by sideLima 3 city forest mural artist Lynliet and Daniela portrait photos

The Artists

Artist Aylin Portocarrero, who goes by the pseudonym Lynliet, is a Lima native that is currently studying at the School of Fine Arts and has been making murals for 2 years. Her counterpart, Daniela Mendoza Mecias, is a multidisciplinary artist that specializes in engraving and is currently living and studying in Lima at the Bellas Artes School.

Lynliet and Daniela are joined by three additional artists, Abril Urrutia, Marta Castillo, and Valeria D’auriol, in their creation of this vibrant mural.

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The Art

This group of women sought to focus on the female icon with a tie in to ancestral icons of the Peruvian culture. “The concept of the mural deals with the Inca trilogy in a contemporary way,” Lynliet explains. She goes on to explain that prejudice is the biggest barrier that needs to be broken down, and in their mural there are “two characters in the middle that are trying to break that barrier.”

“I feel that more and more spaces are opening up for women in the arts, and much more importance and visibility,” explains Daniela. Daniela also believes that, as women, there are not enough “icons of strong women or strong female characters,” which she believes could help change the inequality across society. This striking mural communicates to passersby that Peruvian women are strong and demonstrates and expresses the fight for gender equality.

Daniela believes that humans are stimulated by what they see and experience, and “the simple fact of seeing something on the street, such as a mural, can stimulate us to a great extent.” Lynliet elaborates by adding that “art can be a call to action, because art is always expressing something, giving a message.”

Lima 3 city forest mural artwork seen fully in 2 images stacked on top of each other

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Lima 3 city forest mural artist Lynliet and Daniela posing for a selfie in front of their artwork