Mural in Jakarta
Jakarta Artists

The Artists

Collaborating on this mural in Jakarta, Indonesia are three female artists. Vita Suradji is a fashion stylist and photographer born and raised in Jakarta. She started her own business in
2019 that sells made-to-order reusable bags to help reduce plastic consumption and usage.

Cut Lakeisha Salsabila Pradhanitya is a Brand Strategist from Jakarta with a passion in ABCDEF: Art. Branding, Community, Design, Education and Fashion. Lakeisha is building LAKKE, a platform for aspiring artists in Indonesia to collaborate together, and is also a co-founder of Hi Fear Club, a girl community that aims to create a supportive sisterhood.

Shane Tiara is a visual artist and illustrator with a distinct and explosive style. Her illustrations are vibrant and layered, as she reimagines characters from across pop-culture and puts them into new contexts for the viewer to reimagine.

The Art

The mural is a combination of ideas, merging the individual styles of all three women into one wall. “The concept of this mural is a Goddess that gave a path for every woman to chase their dreams,” Shane explains, “I want to inspire Indonesian women to break through the gender issues and show their true color and real potential”. Lakeisha adds, they wanted to communicate that “all types of jobs for women are now unlimited” through incorporating various artifacts of occupations men and women alike can pursue.

Tying in inspiration from Indonesian textiles, the motif of megamendung is woven throughout the piece as a nod to the history of traditional women-held occupations, and calling for equal access to work for all women in Indonesia. “With this mural, I really hope it can bring inspiration to everyone – especially females, to break down their own barriers,” explains Shane.

Located in the center of the city with a lot of traffic, the location of the mural commands attention from travelers all across the city, communicating their message of gender equality and women’s rights. “The biggest challenge for this mural is that it’s quite massive,” explains Vita, sharing that this was her first mural project. The two other women agree, though the challenges of the location make for a more impactful message to the city.

Vita, Lakeisha, and Shane in collaboration with Converse All Star Murals created a mural that communicates to passersby that gender equality is a goal that we should continue to strive for in Jakarta and around the world.

Converse believes in using creativity and self-expression to drive progress and has an opportunity to support local creative communities across the world, sharing the stories of how they are living out a restless commitment to Create Next.

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