Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City,

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Ho Chi Minh City forest street mural set on a lively street in the heart of the city.
Ho Chi Minh City forest mural artists Cresk and Ngoui Da posing in front of their muralHo Chi Minh City forest mural artists Cresk and Ngoui Da posing in front of their mural

The Artists

Luc Cresk is a Graffiti artist pursuing a unique style. With over 10 years of experience, he wishes to spread precious things to art culture and the environment. Applying the Graffiti technique to meaningful murals, he brings more positive views of street art contributing environmental protection.

Nguoi Da is an illustrator from Ho Chi Minh City and also a creative director of many exhibitions in Vietnam. Taking the environmental issues into consideration by heart, Nguoi Da always keeps his creativity along with environment related projects like “Loài Plastic” project.

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The Art

The theme of this mural is to convey a message about the solidarity root spirit of Vietnam and cultural diversity. Nguoi Da commented about how it is important to "honor the solidarity spirit of the Vietnamese people, especially the recent difficult times". The playful colors in the art "express the cheerful spirit of solidarity and the spirit of the nation's cohesion" according to Cresk.

This art also has a special meaning to the artists as this paint has the power of filter and clean the air of the environment around it, which is a potent message of environmental protection along with the diversity of Vietnamese culture.

Ho Chi Minh City forest mural in full view.

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Ho Chi Minh City forest mural artists working together on the same ladder