Belgrade City Forest mural panoramic view from the street
Portrait of Belgrade city forest artist Jana Danilovic

The Artist

Jana Danilovic is a Serbian muralist who received her PhD in 2018, defending her art research project on “City and Painting – Significance and Function of Painting Interventions in Public Space.” Her focus of interest is on the relationship between the art and the public space, and has created dozens of independent pieces in public spaces across Europe.

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The Art

The focus of this mural is on gender equality with an emphasis on gender-sensitive language. Jana explains that the mural is connected in many ways to the location in which it was painted. The mural symbolically shows the figure of Drinka Pavlović as a revolutionary, and the mural itself is painted on the primary school that was named after her. Jana selected Drinka for the main presence in this mural because she pioneered bringing the topic of gender equality to schoolchildren.

In reflecting on the impact that Drinka has to this day on Serbia, Jana feels that breaking down barriers is not a single act, but “a process that lasts permanently” that we must bring more people into. Through this depiction of Drinka as a revolutionary, clad with the uniforms of various professions, Jana is also speaking to equality through the representation of various careers.

Jana believes that 2021 will be a year of breaking down more and more barriers within gender equality. As an artist, Jana believes that being “given the opportunity to present my own ideas and concepts to the general public is valuable.” Jana values her ability to use the city itself as a platform to start conversations on the issue of gender equality.

Full view detail shot of artwork

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Close up shot of Belgrade city forest artist's hand painting details of the mural