Simoni Fontana and Argiris Ser

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Simoni Fontana is an artist based out of Greece who works continuously capturing her creative cosmos through various methods – from small canvases to colossal-scale murals. Her work draws inspiration from Manga, a Japanese art form that is rich in surrealism, that is filtered through a Western lens with underlying, darker tones that draws viewers into her world.

Argiris Ser is a pioneer in the Greek urban and street art scene. Well-known for his visual mosaics that transport viewers into a world of eclectic illusions and mind-warping forms. Using outer-worldly forms and strategic color, Ser’s work transcends reality and places viewers into an alternate psychedelic reality. Together with Simoni, they create a distinct merging of their styles that speaks to gender equality and acceptance.


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Love is Love, painted at a massive scale on the side of a local intercultural school, is about teaching respect and educating the community about the fight for gender equality. With lush and vibrant colors that grab attention from anywhere on the street, the large and gripping eyes on the two characters draw viewers into the mural. The background, with large repeating blocks of color, is a distinct signature of Ser’s, merging the two artists’ styles flawlessly.

When speaking about the meaning behind the mural, Ser explains that the biggest obstacle to equality is respect, and that we “must all show respect for each other and the choices we make." In the hopes of making a positive impact on the community, Simoni and Ser are preaching love and acceptance through their mural, perfectly combining two distinct artists into one meaningful piece.

Painted intentionally on an intercultural school in Thessaloniki, the location gives context to the importance of this mural. "Through our art,” Ser explains, “we always try – as much as possible – to pass messages and to stimulate the world to action.” Simoni adds, “art can also help get messages across to our communities,” and “art can motivate people to act."

Ser and Simoni’s goal is to pass on the message of equality and respect, something that they find key in Thessaloniki. Through this collaboration with Converse All Star Murals, Ser and Simoni’s mural is a beacon reminding the community to love, accept, and act.

Simoni Fontana and Argiris Ser's mural in Thessaloniki

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