Singapore city forest mural wide shot
Singapore city forest mural artist Zi Xi portrait

The Artist

Zi Xi is an illustrator and artist from Singapore that goes by the moniker messymxsi. She specializes in illustrations, installations, murals and sculptures, but is always seeking new ways to express herself and exploring medias and forms outside of her comfort zone. In her work, Zi Xi always strives for meaning and pushes beyond the decorative into creating narratives and commentary on larger social issues.

Reflecting on art as a call to action, Zi Xi feels that socially conscious art has “allowed people to be more conscious of the environment and what is happening around us.” She believes that art can be more than decorative and carry important messages that transcend cultures and languages.

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A Arte

Zi Xi’s mural is a narrative about equality through the lens of sustainability. In the artwork, there are various types of flora and fauna that form a diverse ecosystem that can flourish by coming together. “Each plant and animal signifies a person in the community,” Zi Xi explains, “it is about different genders coming together, male and female, or whether you’re from the LGBT community. Together, we form a strong community that can flourish.”

In the center of this mural, the words Let Equality Bloom serve as a reminder to take care of our environment and our community. Zi Xi reflects that “the barriers to be broken in 2021 are gender equality and the need to be more sustainable in the way we live.”

Zi Xi believes that there is always room to grow in how we treat our environment. “I think in Singapore, we can do a lot more in terms of learning to use our resources wisely – in terms of using less and also recycling more.”

Singapore city forest mural full view

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Singapore city forest mural artist Zi Xi on a ladder painting