Photograph of Evgeny Ches

The Artist

Evgeny Ches is an artist with a street art background. Evgeny has been in the graffiti scene, painting and honing his style since the 90’s. Today he is engaged in the art world, event and continuing to do street art and develop the trend in Russia.

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A Arte

Situated on an industrial building with columns breaking the piece into three sections, Evgeny creates a tryptic portrait riddled with meaning and self-reflection. “In this mural I wanted to show and reveal the essence of harmony with nature through the prism of my mood,” explains Evgeny. Featuring a self-portrait that is spliced and diced through all three sections, he wanted the integration of his portrait to not be a main part of the composition, but more of a representation of emotion and the search for balance within himself.

“I’m constantly in search of harmony with myself,” Evgeny elaborates, “because only by knowing yourself, knowing your inner self, can you communicate a sincere message to people through your art." His mural – through its various motifs and abstract elements – represents Evgeny’s search for harmony within himself, and a call for all of us to search for our own harmony, to go out and make the world a better place.

Evgeny believes that the power of graffiti and street art is to help inform people about important issues and societal problems. Using his art to transmit these messages, Evgeny strives for inner progress every day, overcoming “the many barriers that surround me both from the outside and hiding within me.”

Through this collaboration with Converse All Star Murals, Evgeny’s mural is a look inward to make outward changes to our society and to our world. To end on a quote by Evgeny on his view on place in the world, “his is the life of the artist; to create and bring the world goodness and love.”

Wide view of mural in Moscow.

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