Mexico City

Mexico City forest mural shown overhead from a distance
Mexico City forest mural artist "Saner" posing in front of his artwork

The Artist

Edgar Flores, aka ‘Saner’, is a virtual artist, illustrator, and designer from the State of Mexico. His work is characterized by retaking Mexican culture’s roots, capturing color and traditions in canvases that tell our ancestors’ story. One of the quintessential elements within each of his pieces is the masks representing a deeply social theme and which he defines as the reason people do not know themselves, stating that they have lost themselves in a spiral of loneliness.

With a spirit free of pretensions and a taste for vibrant color, Saner manages to show a fresh vision of ‘Mexican-ness’, treating the work process as a mythologization in which a wall or urban space is filled with folkloric symbols in the style of Pop art.

Saner affirms, “In Mexico, something that is very beautiful, that is still alive and has been exhibited throughout the world, is the Day of the Dead; therefore making the best out of it to generate a combination between the preserving of our traditions and of nature is key to be able to connect these messages of what can be preserved and what must continue to be cultivated.”

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A Arte

Mexican muralist Saner has created art to represent eternal life using flowers and catrinas as icons of the Mexican culture. The concept behind this wall seeks to celebrate the Day of the Dead and the duality of said tradition under the idea ‘Back to Earth’ and the return of our loved ones to the earth while creating fresh air in the community through paint that purifies the air.

Saner believes that art is a crucial element that allows us to start a dialogue about the role we have today and how we can work to build a better future for those who precede us, following the example of our ancestors. He states, “It is fascinating to know how we can connect our roots with the intention of the root as such.” He continues, “It is asking ourselves what the earth is giving us.”

Reflecting on the process, he says, “My work not only speaks of decoration, but it is also a wake-up call, sometimes it can be about protest and sometimes about creating conscience. My intention is to take what I know I do best and through it be able to generate dialogues between viewers and my work.”

Mexico City forest mural art in progress

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Mexico City forest mural artist at work show off detail of mural art.