Lima city forest mural as seen from the street
Lima city forest mural artists portraits

Os Artistas

Luis Sipion is an urban artist from Callao that studied graphic design and developed his artistic identity on the street. In his work, Sipion likes to imitate reality by painting portraits that capture nature through the lens of Peruvian culture. He wants his art to generate a positive impact, and every piece of his art is fully thought out and considered.

The design of this mural was made by Sipion in conjunction with All Stars Andrea Flores, Fran Garvich, and Sandra Espinoza, three local students, designers, and photographers.

Reflecting on the diversity in Peru, Sipion says that there are many different regions in Peru, and that “we are a product of many mixtures.” He feels that the people of Peru are beginning to break down barriers by questioning old thinking, prejudices, and myths and are working to bring awareness of diversity to the forefront of society’s minds. He wants his art to be a “channel of information to carry forward a message and to be able to reflect the reality that may exist in a country.”

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A Arte

“The concept of the mural talks about identity…and how each individual has different ways of thinking,” Sipion reflects. The design of this mural focuses on making diversity visible in the community through representing portraits of various people, with spheres that go all over the mural that begin to collide, representing a literal break down of thinking and prejudice.

“Art has always been a call to action, it has always been the only media which isn’t censored,” Fran, a graphic design student, reflects, “where you can say what you think…without anyone telling you how to do it, or what to say.” They believe that using your platform as an artist can relay important messages of diversity and acceptance.

Sandra, a photographer, believes that platforms like Converse City Forests give a voice to artists to express themselves and ‘break down barriers,’ helping society move past the stereotypes that limit its progress. She goes on to reflect that the biggest sign of progress is the interest and concern in touching on diversity and inclusion, and that in her work she has learned that “representation is important to stop perpetuating behaviors that discriminate against others.”

Andrea, a student of audiovisual multimedia, believes that “Converse City Forests is a good platform to show the diversity of our country and to generate reflection and dialogue.” Her goal is to have a platform that allows her to educate people on important subjects that help society become better as a whole.

Lima city forest mural artwork. 2 mural images stacked.

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Three Lima city forest mural artists working on their mural painting