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Johannesburg hero image. Panoramic view of mural artwork
Johannesburg city forest artist Seth Pimentel at work painting his mural

The Artist

Seth Pimentel aka African Ginger is an illustrator, painter and experimental visual artist currently living and working in Johannesburg. Pimentel focuses on pushing the boundaries of visual art’s conventions by attempting to merge traditional and digital work into a hybrid of experimentation. Continuously drawing and developing his style and approach to mental illness, he uses his practice to highlight the nuances in his own personal experiences. His aim is to create a “visual bridge” of understanding with his subjective experiences of dealing mental health to a wider audience.

Seth states “I’m a multi-faceted visual artist, so I work digitally, I collage, I paint. I work to simultaneously hold down the African Spirit and keep in the African energy that is in all my work.”

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A Arte

The theme focuses on the idea of Heritage and Culture. Seth commented, “A lot of my behavioral patterns, my beliefs, the core fundamental aspects of myself come from my mother, and she has passed that on through to me.” This mural is statement about the power South African women have to change a narrative. Pimentel continues “I wanted to highlight so many different cultures and races in our country, but also unify them through feminine beauty, which is the Women of South Africa.”

The area of the mural has been heavily impacted by environmental concerns. Where the mural is painted is a melting pot of traffic; CO² from car emissions, and garbage that's been littered around from Johannesburg. With so many people hustling daily, environmental impact is not always top of mind. Pimentel says “the location of this mural is one of the hotspots which have collected dirt and fumes that affect and create the smog of Johannesburg.”

This artwork shows both the power of South African women to change the narrative. This mural shows everyone can make a difference.

Johannesburg city forest mural art

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Johannesburg city forest artist mural painting