Jakarta city forest artist with assistant painting mural artwork
Side by side portraits of Jakarta city forest artists Wormo and FivustVertical portraits of Jakarta city forest artists Wormo and Fivust

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Aram Kaleva, known as Wormo, is a graffiti artist who creates colorful and organic pieces on the streets of Jakarta. His worm character inhabits the monotonous walls of Jakarta, turning them into a colorfully expressive moment in the streets of the capital of Indonesia.

Fivust is a visual artist with a history in comics and illustration and he entered the graffiti scene in 2012. He is heavily influenced by tattoos, pop culture, and street art, and the goal of his art is to send messages and spread love in the community.

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A Arte

Wormo and Fivust collaborated with several All Stars in the creation of not one, but two murals in Western and Southern Jakarta. This expansive approach to activating physically disconnected walls with art intentionally speaks to the positive impact that diversity and collaboration can make on the community.

“Breaking Barriers is open to the widest possible opportunity for all people without discriminating against ethnicity, race, and religion,” states Caca, a local All Star member that was a part of the creation of the murals. Through these murals, they want to share a message of diversity and sustainability with the younger generations in Jakarta. “These murals are an invitation for young people to care more about the environment,” Wormo explains.

The locations of these two murals were very carefully selected; Wormo and Fivust wanted to choose a street with crowds of vehicles that cause pollution, as well as a place with diverse ethnic and religious groups. “In a metropolitan city like this it’s really hard to plant trees. Now these murals are made with paint that can absorb pollution, so by drawing the murals we are just planting trees,” graphic designer Tnajel explains, another All Star member working on the project.

side by side view of Jakarta city forest murals seen both in full view

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Close up detail shot of Jakarta city forest mural artist at work