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Ho Chi Minh City forest mural artwork full view
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Os Artistas

Artists Nguoi Da and Luc Cresk collaborate with local All Stars – @_.trilxm, @792td__, @ha.owii, @hoangmaabuu, @khazsak, @simba_universe, @tei_hug, and @xoan_dien – once again on a Converse All Star Mural in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A creative guru living in Saigon, Nguoi Da uses his passion for art as a way to convey messages about social issues in Vietnam. In this mural, Nguoi Da wants to share his perspective on the diversity of cultures within Ho Chi Minh City and the solidarity of the Vietnamese people.

Luc Cresk is a Saigonese graffiti artist who has been practicing for over 10 years, and also seeks to connect the public with social issues. Through Converse City Forests, Cresk is also seeking to spread meaningful messages about diversity within Vietnam and raise awareness about environmental issues through his art.

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A Arte

In their second collaboration for Converse All Star Murals in Ho Chi Minh City, Cresk and Nguoi Da use the symbolism of a rooster to convey a deeper message of breaking down barriers. Nguoi Da explains their choice, stating that the rooster is a “very important character to the people in the highlands” as well as a resource to help people overcome economic and educational barriers. The rooster is used to motivate people to “break through prejudices and traditions to help minorities access new technologies.”

Reflecting on the importance of breaking down barriers and what it means to him, Cresk states that they are “breaking social barriers to bring positive thinking to the community.” Through their mural, Nguoi Da wants viewers to grow their respect for ethnic diversity and understand that creativity can help “break through the barriers of the Vietnamese people.”

In the cultural and economic center of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is a place where many people from various regions gather and connect.

Ho Chi Minh City forest mural art detail

Converse believes in using creativity and self-expression to drive progress and has an opportunity to support local creative communities across the world, sharing the stories of how they are living out a restless commitment to Create Next.

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