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Chiang Mai mural art panoramic street view
Chiang Mai city forest mural artistsChiang Mai city forest mural artists

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This mural was created by WJS Collective, a group of students from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University, along with artist and environmentalist Amata Chittasenee, also known as Pearypie.

The 9 artists from the WJS Collective – Yansiri Pumkajon, Pimsiri Phimsawat, Panittha Jaiyee, Phit Thananchai, Thapphon Buachaiyo, Thitikorn Mulli, Kantapong Peekaew, Vittawin Tangkham, and Kirati Thetkaew – worked together to tell cultural stories through their art using new generational perspectives in Chiang Mai. The voices of the individuals within the WJS Collective are present in cartoon characters painted in varied styles.

Pearypie passionately works to increase awareness around the importance of taking care of our planet. She also uses her fashion knowledge to modernize Thai fabric, which is now becoming an art piece that portrays the story and culture of the patterns.

A Arte

The mural concept represents the identity and cultural values of Chiang Mai and the Lanna region of Thailand in the age of globalization.

“When I saw the mural, I was speechless,” says Pearypie. “Everything about Chiang Mai is manifested in this mural.” Pearypie goes on to say that Chiang Mai has great cultural values, and that the people of the city are always concerned for the common good.

This mural reflects the changing lifestyle of the globalization era through its depictions of various cultural groups, landmarks, and cultural art. From the red truck, which is a signature local bus, to iconic tourist attractions and architecture such as Doi Suthep and Tha Prae Gate, to significant cultural items like in the Lanna fabric and Lantern Floating, a unique local ritual, each moment is a part of a larger cultural evolution taking place.

The mural also represents the mix of tradition and globalization in Chiang Mai, with a girl wearing traditional Karen clothing while holding a glass of bubble milk tea.

Chiang Mai mural full view from the street

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Chiang Mai mural artists working together on scaffolding