The Artist

INO is an internationally acclaimed Greek painter and muralist that graduated from the University of Fine Arts. His work is mostly large-scale murals and paintings, and is characterized by a grayscale palette with touches of light blue. INO’s main source of inspiration is the many facets of human nature, brought to life with an aesthetic that maintains raw expression, to highlight social injustice and contradictions.

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A Arte

INO’s mural, titled Spasiba (Spasimo means ‘breaking’ in Greek, and the ending of ‘ba’ is from the English word barriers), symbolizes a new generation being brought into a world that needs change. The mural shows a little girl holding a large sledgehammer, speaking to the timeless struggle of power.

INO’s goal takeaway with this mural is that children are the key to breaking down barriers, and that education and setting a good example for the following generations is the key to social change. For INO, breaking down barriers means that “everyone should start with equal opportunities, regardless of who will take advantage of them.”

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Fique Ligado

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